Upcoming Malayalam Dvd/Cd Release - "Urumi "Upcoming Malayalam Dvd/Cd Release - "Urumi "

The Dvd of the super hit big budget film "Urumi" will release from 29/7/2011.Moserbaer will avail the Dvd and Vcd of Urumi.

Urumi is a historical malayalam film directed and co-produced by Santhosh Sivan.The expense of the film was around 20 crores.Shankar Ramakrishnan was the story writer.The film casts Prithviraj in the lead role "Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar".He was the co-producer of the film too.

Prabhudeva plays the role of "Vawali" while the heroine of the film , Genelia playing the role "Princess Aysha of Kannur".Nithya Menon,Jagathy Sreekumar was also in the cast list.Vidya Balan,Tabu,Bala also appears in guest roles.

The music of the film composed by Deepak Dev was a mega hit.


Anonymous said...

no bluray? it deserves bluray

Jose Augustine said...

The bluray disk of Urumi will be available very soon dear

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